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Who are we?

We are an Estonian-based enterprise operating in the AI and image recognition industry. With constant investment in R&D, Loti Digital’s innovative products will help the company become a dominant player in the visual search and image recognition industry.

We offer a wide range of advanced image identification and visual search tools such as:

1. Mobile Recognition

Our tool detects items from any user-generated photos and offers identical or similar item choices. Users must snap the item they are looking for, or simply upload an image, and the software will instantly offer matching items. Ideal for retail shopping, retail shelf audit, and cross-promotion.

2. Image and Video Search

The software detects unlicensed distributed copies of videos, duplicated visual content, examines and detects fully uploaded videos or video sections by analyzing large databases of copyrighted assets. With the rising number of photo and video uploads on social media platforms, monitoring copyrighted work becomes a serious concern. Ideal for the gaming industry, marketplaces for creative assets.

3. Image Recognition for In-Store Retail Audit

The tool offers image recognition technology ideal for large in-store retailers. It can analyze and compare user-generated photos with planograms. Minimizes time spent for store audits, reduces manual labor, and improves the accuracy of collected data.

4. Face Detection & Recognition

The software uses Artificial Intelligence for face recognition to instantly detect the users’ facial features and validate access. Ideal for identity authentication, access control, secure payments. It can be integrated into any application/platform or system.

5. Brand Monitoring in a Multimedia Stream

The software identifies logos, trademarks, brands in video streams. Helps users monitor brands to audit competitors and/or assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Ideal for marketing and advertising of small, medium, and large enterprises.

6. Automated Ad Testing

With our technology, users can test advertising concepts (photos and videos) to understand which will drive sales and which will fail to reach the targeted audience. Ideal for the marketing and advertising industry.

Tools features​

Support for multiple devices
Technical Support
Real-time reports and data analysis
Fast item track with matching results
Time-saving, minimize labour work
Increases engagement and revenues
User-friendly interfaces
97% detecting accuracy
Product, barcode, print recognition
Self-training algorithms
Versatile tools

Main benefits provided by our tools



Our software comes with a built-in recommendation engine that allows it to provide personalized search to include customer’s affinity to gender, brands, and categories.


Meets expectations

Image recognition is ideal for users who are looking to reduce search time by avoiding unnecessarily entering keywords or scrolling the results. With visual search, the process is simplified and user simply uploads an image and imidately receives the right results.


Cross-selling opportunity​

Image recognition can be effotlessly used as a cross-selling tool which will boost revenues.



Technology drastically minimizes the search procces as the user spends only a few seconds to load the image and check if the item is available.


Simple integration​

We offer an efficient image recognition software along with a team of experts ready to process any inquiry. No integration is required from the client’s side.


Multi-object Detecton

Our technology detects multiple objects in a single image uploaded, eliminating the need to crop images to highlight items to be searched for.



Beyond fashion, home décor, and retail, our suite of products are suitable for facial detection, access control, and brand monitoring.


Fast detection

Technology we provide has close to Zero Latency Search, with an average response of 400ms.


Direct connection

Our software enables the hosting app to transform a picture into hyperlink, information, coupon, and video which provides the consumer instantly to gather information about the search product.

Pricing plans

Standard plan

€ 0.9 / annually
or € 1.30 / monthly per 1k credits

3,000 API credits free
Sequential processing
Limited email support
Available services:
Image Recognition
Generic Tagging
Photos Similarity
Product Similarity
Image Recognition: 3 tasks
Similarity: 1 collection, 3,000 images

Pro plan

€ 45 / annually
or € 75 / monthly per 1k credits

100k or 300k API credits
Sequential processing
Standard email support
Available services:
Image Recognition
Generic Tagging
Photos Similarity
Product Similarity
Object detection
Fashion Tagging
Brand Monitoring
Image Recognition: 10 tasks
Similarity: 1 collection, 100,000 images

Business plan

€ 440 / annually
or € 489 / monthly per 1k credits

1M API credits
Fast processing
Priority email support
Available services:
Image Recognition
Generic Tagging
Photos Similarity
Product Similarity
Object detection
Fashion Tagging
Brand Monitoring
Automated Ads Testing
Image Recognition: 20 tasks
Similarity: 3 collections, unlimited images

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